How do you work systematically with innovation in completely new territory?

Based on the fields of of people centred innovation, anthropology and BOP strategy we have developed a framework and methodology to work systematically with innovation for and with Base of the Pyramid. It is basically a balancing act between order and chaos, where you keep your focus and intention while allowing new insights and opportunities to emerge and form a new concept that you could not have thought of before you started.

We either work with you on the side or as an integral part of your innovation team. We guide you the whole way through, from the early phases of defining your innovation ambition to mapping the landscape of your selected domain, to establishing relations with local organisations and communities, to doing anthropological and participatory research of needs, practices and aspirations, to mapping the local eco-system, to facilitating multi-stakeholder innovation workshops... and from there building the new concept, prototypes and business models. Please mind that it is not a linear process, but one characterized by learning by doing and open collaboration with partners across sectors.

To enable knowledge sharing and collaboration across borders, we host our projects on a cutting edge online collaboration platform.

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