The overall aim of my work is to bring the competencies and resources of the private sector into creating global development in a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable way. I bring in the mindset and methodologies of people centred innovation to ensure a socio-cultural 'fit' of the technological solutions, and to enable a process of participation and collaboration between different stakeholders.

As a consultant in people centred innovation and partner in the Danish research and consultancy company antropologerne.com, I have for several years worked with major Danish companies and public sector organisations, bringing a deeper understanding of the socio-cultural context and people’s needs and aspirations into the innovation process. Now I apply these competencies in the field of Base of the Pyramid, where I have recently completed a practice based research project on Participatory Innovation with Base of the Pyramid. Currently, I am working closely together with Grundfos LIFELINK on developing sustainable solutions for water supply in developing countries - starting in Kenya.
BOP INNOVATION :: Louise Koch :: lk@bop-innovation.com :: +45 2296 3232
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