Emerging markets defy the standard market surveys, because the market structure is often radically different from an industrialized country. Furthermore, there is often limited structured information to find, since people living in low income communities are often not included in public surveys.

Qualitative and anthropologically based market research is the way to do it, since you cannot sit in the office and figure out what questions to ask. This is the only way to get insight into the everyday needs, practices, and aspirations of people, and to get an understanding of the broader socio-economic and cultural context forming the landscape in which you will be operating. These insights are the key ingredients to developing successful and sustainable solutions.

Based on our deep experience in people centred innovation and qualitative market research, we know that handing over insights in a long report will not make it stay alive in the organisation. Therefore we build our work and communication on living pictures, presentations and workshops, and we keep a close communication during the research.

We work with a network of trusted partners and skilled researchers around the world, so no matter where the location, we can get the job done for you.

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