Grundfos LIFELINK Kenya Continued

Louise is continuing her work with the team in Grundfos LIFELINK in Kenya. The focus is now on building partnerships with NGOs, public sector, business, and social entrepreneurs with the ambition to scale up and speed up the implementation of sustainable water projects in Kenya.

Read more on www.grundfos-lifelink.com.

Climate and BOP

June 10, 2009 - Aalborg, Denmark

Come join us at this practitioner workshop on driving forward the great convergence between Green Technology and Base of the Pyramid where we will explore the potential in BOP business and cross-sector collaboration in delivering climate solutions to developing countries. Read more and download the invitation HERE
Grundfos LIFELINK Kenya

Louise Koch is working with the team in Grundfos LIFELINK until August 2009 to provide a people centred innovation perspective to the development of Grundfos LIFELINK. The ambition is to provide safe and sustainable water to rural communities around the world.

Read more on www.grundfos-lifelink.com.
Cornell Global Forum

Louise Koch is amongst the 100 invited delegates for Cornell Global Forum's summit "The Great Convergence of Green Technology and Base of the Pyramid" in New York in June.

The purpose is to bring together leaders and pioneers in the two fields to build a bridge for green technology to address the issues in developing countries through a BOP strategy.

Read about the summit HERE

Business & Development

Louise Koch contributed to the recent edition of the online magazine International Development with the article 'The Business of Development'.

The article introduces the field of Base of the Pyramid to an audience from the development sector, and argues that business and innovation might be two important missing links for sustainable development.

Read the full article on page 23 HERE

BOP Innovation India

Louise Koch is a consultant with the innovation team of Danish company Danisco to conduct the 6 months pilot phase of the project 'Innovation with Base of the Pyramid'. The ambition is to improve income and nutrition for low income communities in India.

BOP INNOVATION :: Louise Koch :: lk@bop-innovation.com :: +45 2296 3232
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